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Welcome to the Lion City! Better known as Singapore, it is one of the most vibrant cities in Southeast Asia. Everyone knows about how the beauty of shopping here. However, the demand of buying sex toys in Singapore is in trend. Well, we are making a difference here.

Singapore Sex Toy, the flourishing online sex toys store in Singapore, comes with many products. No, we are not here for commercialization. What is essential for us is to make people aware of sexual wellness. Accordingly, we have brought products that make people happy in bed.


We Started from Nowhere – Now, We Are Everywhere

Every start should be slow because you will win when you reach the endpoint. Singapore Sextoy started at a slow pace with a few products. We started posting ads and gradually made people aware that we are ready to serve anywhere in Singapore.

We brought more products because we came across plenty of sexual challenges. Finally, we set up our virtual store and posted a range of sex toys and accessories. Today, our products include everything for men, women, couples, and more. Specifically, we deal with over 1300 products and cater to people from all walks of life.


6 Reasons to Choose Us

There are endless choices for buying sex toys in Singapore. But why should one knock us for this purpose? Well, we have reasons that might make you think for a moment to have a look at us:


  • Top-quality and Non-toxic Toys

The combo of keeping quality and harmless products is always a good reason for shoppers to buy. Singapore SexToy intends to keep everything safe for the buyers. Our products comprise such materials that never pose a threat to the skin and genitals. Therefore, we include sex toys and accessories made of silicone, TPR, PVC, etc. So, you know why these products would never lead to disappointment in terms of quality.


  • Exceptional Arrivals for All Genders

We are never stereotyped because we believe in modernization. Hence, we bring new and fresh products that would inject hope and vigor into one’s sex life. Our arrivals are all fresh and intend to keep singles and couples hooked to their lust. Where men can enhance their libido with a male stroker, women will find it easy to tickle their G-spot.


  • Delivery is Discreet

We never deliver causally. Our deliveries are confidential, secure, and on time. You will not have any breach of trust regarding confidentiality from our end. Using sex toys is perfectly fine. Despite this, the idea is always private, and we respect it. Well, we take 5 to 7 working days to deliver an order to the customer’s doorstep.


  • Active Customer Support

Forget staying in queues because we don't like to keep people waiting. Our customer support team is always there to help and process your orders. We welcome queries, complaints, and requests from one and all. Our customer care executives will love talking to you over WhatsApp or email. Throw your orders, and we will grab them with pleasure.


  • Diverse Assortment of Products

Variety is the spice of life, and we believe it with all our hearts. Keeping this in mind, we have unlocked a massive assortment of adult products that would spice up things in bed. We have a variety of vibrators, masturbators, cock rings, pussy pumps, anal sex toys, and more. Life is short; hence, go for as many experiments as you wish. After all, it is your sex life, and it has to be good.


  • People Love Us

You can offer and sell any product to people around you. But success comes when you see those people wanting your product. has won the hearts of numerous people across Singapore and Asia. We got maximum orders from cities like Yishun, Jurong West, Tampines, and Bukit Batok. It has been a pleasant experience for us since inception, and we continue to take the legacy forward.


Whom We Care For?

Singaporesextoy cares for all, and this is true. We have designed our website in a very easygoing manner. We ensure that our buyers feel free to order and approach us for anything they want. We believe many people face sexual problems. Hence, we thought of including all sorts of products for all genders.


Our Sex Toys for Males in Singapore

Men have been happy shopping from our online sex toys store in Singapore. We know men run short of confidence when they fail to get an erection. Also, anxiety creeps into their mind when they do not get the desired reciprocation from their female partner.

Keeping these in mind, we have some great sex toys for males in Singapore. Have a look at a few of these:


Male Stroker

Men curious about sex toys and wish to play for the first time can always go for a male stroker. These male sex toys in Singapore have allured men from all corners. There were 26% of men who said male strokers induce sexual feelings in no time. Hence, we have such a variety that would keep men erotically high.


Silicone Sex Doll

Have you ever let a doll touch you? If you don’t believe it, try a silicone sex doll and play with her like anything. She is hot, realistic, soft, and hot to play with. Her genitals, tits, and other body parts would be a pleasure to cuddle.


Cock Ring

Why erection has to be a fear for men when there is a brilliant accessory like a cock ring? It’s a small thing that men can utilize to get a faster and more fulfilling erection. We also have cock ring vibrators that give men the pleasure of enjoying sensations and going hard. 22% of men said they got fabulous results on taking the help of cock rings before going with their partner.


Our Sex Toys for Females in Singapore

It feels great when we do something for people in their sex life. We have this similar thought for girls who face sexual challenges now and then. But with these adult toys for Singapore, women will be more confident.

So, here is a quick look at some of our female sex toys in Singapore:


G-spot Vibrator

Ask any woman how she enjoys finding her G-spot, and she will go crazy about it. At this juncture, give her a G-spot vibrator, and she will enjoy it like anything. Rather, the task will be so easy and pleasurable at the same time. These vibrators are easy to use and safe to play.


Rabbit Vibrator

Dual stimulation is a fascinating thing for a woman. If you give her this idea during foreplay, she will get restless. The rabbit vibrator comes with awesome features that will leave women asking for more. Once she gets it, she might not leave it so easily and so soon.


Vibrating Massager

Who says no to massages that produce lust? The vibrating massager is a superb pick in this respect. Easy to hold and use, these massagers come with powerful vibrators that seduce women like anything. Solos can be fulfilling with these sex toys for women in Singapore.


Our Sex Toys for Couples in Singapore

Singapore is a vivacious city where people prefer staying intoxicated in love. So, we have kept all those couples in mind who need a break from their same old strategies to make love.

Take a quick look at some of our couple sex toys in Singapore that would bring your partner closer:


Anal Dildo

Anal sex is the best when you make it safe and it’s all easy. An anal dildo is a different type of dildo that stands out from others. The insertion area is narrow, which makes penetration so smooth. Apply some lube and insert it slowly; the result is magic.



Sometimes, you need to go offbeat in loving your partner. Hugs and kisses come as complimentary emotions in bed. But when you take a strap-on, you know that the madness mode is on. These couple sex toys in Singapore are not only popular but many couples are also making them a part of their sex life.


App-controlled Vibrator

Love can double from miles, and this is true when you will have the app-controlled vibrator in hand. These app-based vibrators are known for strong connectivity and work fine on Bluetooth support, uniting couples with fun.


Ending Thoughts

Let love happen in any form. If it is in the form of a toy, welcome it with a smile and confidence. Try something new and unconventional, and life will look so good. Our online sex toys store in Singapore is bringing happy stories to every doorstep. Just make a wish, and we will get your dream sex toys in Singapore at your fingertips.

Take life as it comes, and sex toys will ensure a rocking one!!

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