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Sustaining health and wellness is a must in today’s world, no matter in which manner you wish to get erotic. With the prime intention to inspire both men and women towards sustaining sexual wellness, Singapore, one of Asia’s most beautiful cities, brings an online adult toys store with imported yet affordable sex toys in Singapore. Singaporesextoy is the name of this sex toys shop in Singapore where shopping would be so enjoyable, affordable and convenient.

As far as the collection of toys is concerned, it has everything one would need to stay happy in life. What makes sex toys in Singapore stand out is their ability to keep users out of side effects and any sort of skin complications. Moreover, the online sex toys in Singapore are all imported and score high in quality and effectiveness.


Our Collection is Vast and Unique

Be it devices related to triggering orgasm or gadgets allowing organs to undergo development, Singaporesextoy is a huge online sex toy shop where you are going to find everything, be it sex toys for male in Singapore, sex toys for female in Singapore or sex toys for couple in Singapore. Even if you are concerned about shopping facilities, these are fabulous and would let users enjoy convenience at its best.

Therefore, it does not matter where you are in Singapore because our online sex toys store in Singapore will let you shop from any corner the country and other cities in Asia. Also, in terms of budget, the products here are quite pocket-friendly. So, if you want to buy sex toys in Singapore, you are sure to save a good amount.


Our Toys are Powerful yet Safe

Singaporesextoy is intended towards making people aware of erotic products that are effective. This is a reason why our sex toys shop in Singapore brings all modernized erotic products for both men and women. Even singles and couples can choose from a wide assortment of products here.

Furthermore, the adult toys in Singapore come with features that are user-friendly. There are also products that come with proper instructions on how to use.


Our Store Unlocks a Variety of Adult Sex Toys in Singapore

Browsing our online sex toys store in Singapore is no doubt a pleasure for one and all. It comprises several categories that include Sex Toys for Men, Sex Toys for Women, Sex Toys for Couples, Lube and Herbal, New Products, Best Sellers and more.

Among adult toys in Singapore, there are upgraded masturbators, high-tech sex machines, vibrating and non-vibrating dildos of different sizes and materials, powerful massagers, silicone sex dolls, lubes and herbals too. These adult products are friendly for all types of skin and will not harm the male and female genitals for sure.


Enjoy Safe Shopping with Singaporesextoy

Our online sex toys store in Singapore ensures the most reliable payment schemes for its users. It has multiple payment policies like PayPal, Debit card, Credit Card etc. As per your convenience, you can avail any scheme.

Apart from this, do not miss the chance to win big discounts on our products. There are also opportunities for one to win Customer Loyalty Points and surprise gifts as well. So, instead of delaying any more, start shopping for adult toys in Singapore online from Singaporesextoy and live life like you had always dreamt of.


Why Singaporesextoy is so Special for Men, Women & Couples?

Singaporesextoy is no doubt a growing sex toys store with a brilliant collection of adult toys in Singapore. With these products, you are sure to unlock the most passionate ways to get intimate with your partner and also with yourself.

Where men will not be deprived of thrilling nights with realistic masturbators, silicone dolls and artificial pussy among the sex toys for male in Singapore, women, on the other hand, will love entertaining themselves with glass dildos, vibrating massagers, lubes and more sex toys for female in Singapore. Couples also will have a fabulous time with BDSM toys, and more. Have a quick look at our site and you are sure to fall in love with our collection here at our online sex toys store in Singapore.


How to Place an Order at Singaporesextoy?

Singaporesextoy includes two simple methods to place an order. No one needs to step out of home for this job. It is so easy to opt of any of the two shopping procedures to buy adult toys in Singapore:


Visit the Store Virtually and Order

One simple way of ordering at our online sex toys store in Singapore is to browse the store, choose the product, proceed towards payment and place the order. This is one of the ways one can order sex toys in Singapore from the website. Just like one follows the process of shopping from an ecommerce store, the same goes here.

Call the Store and Order

Another simple process of placing an order at online sex toys store in Singapore is to call up the store, talk to a customer care executive and place the order. Here also the concerned person from the online sex toys store in Singapore will gather details from the customer and verify the same.

In case of both the ordering processes, the order for adult toys in Singapore would be delivered at the customer’s doorstep or the address specified.


Buy Sex Toys in Singapore from Singaporesextoy


Singapore is among the vivacious destinations in Asia. This country too has experienced a notable surge in the need for sex toys for both singles and couples.

While taking a survey around Singapore, about 38% men and 25% women have been found searching for sex toys daily online. Therefore, the quest for purchasing sex toys in Singapore online will never die out.


Our Range of Adult Toys at Singaporesextoy

On exploring online sex toys store in Singapore, you will have a huge range of adult products at your fingertips to browse. This would easy your job of placing an order for any product of your choice.

Now take a look at how we have classified our products at Singaporesextoy:


Female Sex Toys in Singapore

Singaporesextoy brings the category named ‘Toys for Her’ that includes sex toys for female in Singapore. Let’s find out what this category brings to all the women in Singapore:


Sex Toys:

This subcategory will bring all types of sex toys for female in Singapore. There would be rabbit vibrator, bullet vibrators, fun vibrators, and even non-vibrators. Besides, women can look for sex kits, vibrating panty, and more.



When girls will come to shop from this section at our online sex toys store in Singapore, their excitement will cross all limits. Here they would come across stylish erotic accessories like silicone breast prosthesis, nipple vibrator, steel ring, breast silicone bra and pad etc.


Needs for Girls:

While shopping at our online sex toys store in Singapore, girls will be excited to come across all those products that would lend them an energetic sex life. Some of these include pussy pump, steel rings, creams for breast enlargement, artificial hymen, and more.



Male Sex Toys in Singapore

The masculine powers are now going to be revived for men with exceptional erotic products here at online sex toys store in Singapore. The ‘Toys for Him’ category unlocks all such sex toys for male in Singapore that would leave a resounding effect on a man’s sex life. Here men will come across a plethora of high quality toys and accessories as well.


Sex Toys:

As far as this subcategory for male sex toys in Singapore is concerned, it comprises super-hot dolls, masturbating toys, male strokers, big artificial vagina, and more sex toys for male in Singapore. Rather, you will get to shop for more male adult toys in Singapore at pocket-friendly prices.


Needs for Boys:

Those men who are willing to meet their erotic needs in bed will just love shopping from this category. There will be a lot to shop here like cock rings, penis sleeves, penis enlargement devices, boys sex kit etc. Men are sure to rock their sex life with these amazing products.


Couple Sex Toys in Singapore

As far as the couple sex toys in Singapore are concerned, they are of incredible variety and have also been priced quite reasonably.

Get the most stylish strap-on along with new-age anal dildos, anal vibrators, anal beads and what not among the sex toys for couple in Singapore. Beginners in anal sex will find a good number of options. Such couple sex toys in Singapore are also worth shopping here at Singaporesextoy. On placing an order for sex toys for couple in Singapore, it would be delivered to the customer’s address anywhere in Singapore on time.


Party Sex Toys in Singapore

Those who want to take their intimate sessions to the peak of creativity will love trying the party sex toys in Singapore. What you will love about these toys is their uniqueness from others. Designed to make everyone enjoy their sex life, our collection of party toys include all kinky products along with those for bondage sex. Among these products, you will come across chastity lock device, sex swing, leather whip, handcuffs and more.

Not to miss are the pheromone sprays for both male and female. The prices for these products are also quite decent and hence easy to afford. In fact, these are made with such components that would trigger the erotic spirits of the user. There is no doubt that adding these items among the sex toys in Singapore will be worth.


Lube and Herbal Sex Toys in Singapore

Out of all adult products in Singapore enlisted under this category, the arousal gels would make users crazy in bed. The desensitizers would also help men extend their lovemaking timespan.

The range of lubes we have is great for girls who want to suffer no pain during lovemaking. Even women who wish to keep their urge going will love choosing from our range of sex drops and coffee packs. Each of these products is now easy to buy from among the sex toys in Singapore.


Long Distance Sex Toys in Singapore

All partners will now be thrilled to order app based vibrators at Singaporesextoy among the sex toys for couple in Singapore. Yes, it is true that you can now tease your partner whenever you want, no matter how far you are from each other. Scoring high on safety, these sex toys for couple in Singapore are indeed pleasurable. For this, you don’t even need to step out of home; just order from anywhere these sex toys in Singapore from our online sex toy store in Singapore.


Five Popular Sex Toys in Singapore

Singaporesextoy now brings you five best toys in Singapore that made a significant impact in the lives of men, women and couples. Here are those special five for you:


Anal Dildo

Keep your partner in less pain and more excitement with an anal dildo. Check our collection of sex toys for couple in Singapore here and you are sure to get impressed.  These anal dildos are designed in such a manner that you will find them easier to use ad play. These sex toys for couple in Singapore will double your entertainment without any doubt. Also, these adult sex toys in Singapore are quite easy to afford.


Lelo Vibrator

There are no good substitutions for vibrators. So, when it comes to a rabbit vibrator, girls get goosebumps by the very name. In fact, these vibrating sex gadgets stimulate the clitoris so well that girls forget the presence of their male partners. Our online sex toys store in Singapore has a classy variety of these sex toys for female in Singapore and deserves a look to shop for.


Big Artificial Vagina

Men will always want a healthy vagina to play with. In this respect, the big artificial vagina among our sex toys for male in Singapore is a treat to the eye. Being so lifelike, it lets men enjoy masturbation like anything. Having made of silicone, these sex toys for male in Singapore would keep men engaged and contented.


Silicone Love Doll

Now touch, kiss, cuddle and make love with real silicone hot girls. The collection of these sex toys for male in Singapore we have in our store will simply blow your mind away. Our online sex toys store in Singapore brings an amazing collection that would leave men asking for more.


Luxury Vibrator

Girls love stylish stuff, be it clothes or vibrators in bed. So, this luxury vibrator is a perfect pick for all those ladies who want to make love in fashion. These new-age vibrators among other sex toys for female in Singapore are trendy and have multiple speed effects on the female genitals.

All these sex toys for female in Singapore are safe to use and aim at enhancing one’s sex life. Our online sex toys store in Singapore brings all these at your doorstep and that also with the help of a few clicks. Even when it comes to sustaining secrecy, we do it with utmost care, no matter what sex toys in Singapore you wish to order.




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George Y.
My lover h as gifted this
I am an alone man who is excited to play. My partner has gifted me this male stroker that makes feel happy with the soft and tender internal part. The sensations after using this toy Is terrific and I can plan naught activities with it.
Moderated on 04/13/2022.
Aaron A.
Compact toy is here
I have never been such excited before. This all happened when I have used the male masturbation toy that looks so real-like. I can do any naughty things as she has all the privates of women. I have actually loved the sexy skin of her body.
Moderated on 04/13/2022.
Ovidia Y.
Made Life easy and happening
Like every girl I also wanted to have perfect breasts. So, this time I have picked up the herbal product that made me satisfied fully. There are different types of products but none of them is better than herbal products. The Pannamas Herbal Big-Up Bust Cream is the proof of it. I apply a little amount of this cream and the impressive result is visible in a few days.
Moderated on 04/13/2022.
Narmina Z.
My joy is now doubled
My happiness is now more as I am using this toy. The reason of my happiness is the breast enlargement machine that has solved a long-lasting problem of my life. I was depressed with the undersized breasts and so I finally picked up this toy and that fit my breasts and I can get unlimited stimulations by using the remote control.
Moderated on 04/13/2022.
Keely W.
Too much excited with my life
I had created a life that was beyond the thinking of my lover. I am going to prove my virginity to him and that I had already lost many years back with another boyfriend. This is another time I am going to do it. All I have to do is to unpack the hymen and put it around the vagina. It will release a red liquid that will make you believe that I am a virgin.
Moderated on 04/13/2022.
Hanggini P.
Fun has reached new heights
I am not impressed with the work of simple vibrators. They can’t give me thrill anymore. So, this time I picked up a stimulator that has topped the list with its new tech. I love the toy very much as it stimulates the vagina and anal part very erotically. The remote control makes the job very easy to handle.
Moderated on 02/26/2022.
Mariam J.
Loved the pair of nipple vibrator
My new toy has no comparisons with any toys I bought previously. I have a good collection of toys but this time I have tried a pair of nipple vibrating clamps that makes the life super. My lover likes to see me playing with this toy. He operates the remote and controls the vibrations present in it.
Moderated on 02/26/2022.
Chiaki M.
I have a great experience with my toy
You know my life is now fabulous with the recent toy I bought from this online store. It is the electro sex kit that has provided me unlimited fun with the pulsations from it. The best thing is I can combine and get various other types of pulses from this one. The toy is just great and it gives me pure liveliness in bed.
Moderated on 02/26/2022.
Amy Y.
Nice and coolest kit
Nothing remains the same as this sex kit has changed my life. Yes, the sex kit I bought is out of the world as it gives me pure fun with the one single mode of vibration. I can easily take any of the 5 sleeves and start playing with that for as long as I want.
Moderated on 02/08/2022.
Chua K.
A new chapter for me
I was from an old school and don’t enjoy to reveal my secrets. However, things have changed with time and now I have started to use lelo vibrator, my first ever toy, with pride. The design has drawn my attention at once and I can’t ignore the 6 different modes of vibrations. I can wash this one with luke warm water and litter soap.
Moderated on 02/08/2022.
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