Arcwave - Voy Compact Stroker
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Arcwave - Voy Compact Stroker

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Product Specifications

Material : Medical-grade silicone, body-safe ABS plastic
Measurements : L11.5xW8.5xH8.5
Weight : 358g

Arcwave Voy is a premium compact stroker featuring suprior material, custom fit and clever technology. Adjust the tightness for a unique experience as you reach a powerful orgasm.
Voy was created for the modern sex-toy user who seeks new sensations and pleasure innovation. Research reveals that Merkel-Ranvier receptors in the skin of the penis respond particularly well to pressure – a finding that other sex toys ignored. Voy utilizes this science to stimulate these receptors with its unique Tightness Adjustment System (TAS), creating the perfect fit for every body.

Tightness Adjustment System (TAS): Unique to Arcwave, TAS is designed to target specific pleasure sensors - the highy sensitive Merkel-Ranvier receptors in the penis – that respond well to pressure. When stimulated just right, this creates a whole new pleasure sensation – which is why playing with Voy is more intense than regular masturbation.

8 Different Settings: To adjust pressure on the penis, simply twist the TAS ring to customize your pleasure. You can choose from 8 different settings so it’s easy to find the right fit and feel for you. Hold tight.

CleanTech Silicone: Keeping Voy fresh is simple. Arcwave’s cutting-edge CleanTech silicone is super smooth, hygienic and durable but is also very flexible to accommodate all penis sizes. Precision engineering gives this material a superior finish.

Compact Size: Voy is designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. Its ergonomic shape makes it incredibly easy to handle and always gives you the perfect grip. In addition, its slim design allows you to store it easily and discreetly in any drawer or bedside table.

Protect Lids: Storing your toy has never been easier. Voy includes two protector lids featuring ventilation channels so that Voy can dry quickly and maintain a sleek, perfect condition. Protector lids help make Voy stylish and ideal for displaying anywhere.

Key Features

• Tightness Adjustment System
• 8 settings
• CleanTech silicone
• Compact size
• Convenient protector lids
• Water resistant

Packaging Contains

Arcwave Voy Stroker
Sample of Arcwave water-based lube

Storage Instructions

Drying the device before storage can increase the lifespan. The protector lids of your toy have special ventilation holes to help you air dry your product. These protector lids will keep your product safe and clean during storage and travelling.

Usage Instructions

  1. Apply water-based lubricant to both Voy and your penis.
    2. Slip Voy over the penis
    3. Stroke it up and down - stimulate pleasure using Voy to stroke the shaft.
    4. Experience the twist
    4. Flip ghost inside out - try the second textured surface to vary sensations.
    5. Reuse - Durable material keeps Ghost going again and again.
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